Saturday, 28 March 2015

Why point books?

I like to write. Anything. In my childhood I had many penfriends. We exchanged our stories of the weekdays in-depth level of details. Waiting the answer was so exciting period cause the news about them which were really interested by me. As a film series. And I understood soon that my every pen pal also waits my letter very much.

My writing skill had improved in a few months so much that I began enjoy the write not only cause of my friends who live in other towns, but just the due to joy of writing. I was looking for new partners, and shortly, I got mail every week. In that time I was 10. Later I studied to type cause my thoughts fly more faster than my fingers... So I became a typing competitor. (You can find our typing group via facebook if you want to learn or practice with us. There I work as Greti, with my real name.)

The Hungarian language is difficult, but very colorful, varied and rich. I started to play with words and then I was fascinated from success when my friends indicated that liked what and how had had written by me. They loved my letters than me, too. Oh, it made few complications, but finally I grew up in my own (real) life.

I became a mother. A mom of four. In this period of my life I couldn't write. I hadn't freetime, and I tried to study and study next to (and with) children. Sometimes I sat down to write a kind story out from my head, but I couldn't give time again for long, so these stayed sketchy unfinished books. Perhaps, after ten years I would close them.

Now I am 44. My health is broken, I need restart. Rest and alive! I must build a new life where I don't must sit at whole day in a noisy office, but where I can meet my lovely protagonists. Do you want to know my fantasy-friends?

My children grew up, I am free to enjoy my hobby, and my mind is full of kind and fun stories which are needed to write down. I am not able to create only ten-page-tales. My fantasy is alert and my abilities help me to form an entire text.

I'm just studying english, but it's a hard task to me, although when I was young, learning to anything was so simple. Time... Time runs. :) So I am writing originally hungarian, but hopefully you can read my books soon also english or other langs.

My first book is published in December 2014 for birthday of my Ben son. He was a naughty boy... as you can know if you read the "Holdomiglan". (Holdomiglan is a pun: means once the 'forever and never', and means twice that 'at my moon'.) The most often word is used by my readers: Holdomiglan is CUTE story. That was my goal: a kind youth-tale with a little action, lot of loves, and with a hero.

Nowadays I am working on my second new books (not from the old times), which is inspirated by stories of hospitals in my last years.

My main style is romantic: lot of emotions, without sex or porno, without violence and blood.

I believe the true love! ;)

-Grembi MadiHun-

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