Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Eve

This is when I have too long periods to wait... (my internet contact is quite weak).

Here is this "Catrina" case. A short story, cute figures, dreamed appearance in January, however without a cover design plan.  I've just tried to creat the protagonist of "Catrina". Of course, hehe, this is terrible, I'm not a drawer, just a simple writer. :D

What do you think which one will the main character? (I'll give you a cheat sheet: no the bird.)

Catrina (2015)

Cathie has success in her business after countless probes of her life. But before that, she'd met the hope, the hopeless and the impossibility. So everything became possibility!
[Hungarian version]

Goal of publishing: January 2016, hard cover, about 100 pages. Plan is e-book, too.